Free MLM Leads Online

Free MLM Leads Online

Thousands if not hundreds of thousands of aspiring home business owners have been miss-informed and uneducated on how to build a successful MLM business and get free mlm leads online. If you dont know what MLM is find out here.

For most new MLM enrollees one of the first things they are told to do is make a prospect list of all the people they know or are associated with that may be interested in the opportunity. The bigger the list they have the better their chances of being successful right out of the gate.

After all this business is a numbers game, right? Essentially, this is the only time most new mlm entrepreneurs get free mlm leads.

The problem for most enrollees comes after the initial excitement has worn off and they realize that not everyone they know is as excited about the home based business opportunity as they are. On top of that these new MLM entrepreneurs have little to no understanding on how to properly pitch their new opportunity and do what I like to call the “verbial throw-up.” Every time they get in front of a prospect or discuss their opportunity they “throw-up” all the information they have about the company, the product, the compensation and anything else they think is relevant that will get the prospect to sign up. What’s worse is their up-line maybe in the same position (little to no training/experience) and is expected to lead and educate them.

For those who survive this part of the process and continue on after stumbling through their list look for other prospects to pitch their business opportunity to. At this point they’ve probably heard of other people buying leads from an online lead generation company and they believe that if they can get the opportunity seeker leads, opt-in MLM Leads, and so on that they will blow-up their downline and in turn blow-up their earnings. Unfortunately the only thing buying leads usually blows-up is their wallets or maybe I should say implode their wallets.

Now don’t get me wrong you can grow your downline and be successful buying leads from lead generation companies but I feel you need deep pockets. This approach I believe is more of a shotgun approach. Shoot in a general direction and hope you hit something. Talk to enough people and someone will say yes. I feel you would waste a lot of time, money and effort to get one yes with this approach. Ultimately, buying leads is not a source for free mlm leads online.

So what would be the best approach to being successful in any mlm opportunity? The best MLM tips given to me when I first started out in my opportunity was “find someone successful in this industry and do what they do.” Join their downline, learn everything you can and work the business. Guidance + Education + Implementation = Positive Results. A good upline will help train you, support you and guide you through all the pitfalls that 95% of all who try this business fall into.

If you can’t find that successful person and/or join their downline and you still want to do this business then I recommend educating yourself as much as possible until YOU become that successful person. I highly suggest one of the first things you learn and become an expert at is MARKETING.

No matter how good your company, product and/or compensation plan if you do not have plenty of prospects to talk to you won’t have a business, PERIOD! There is plenty of quality marketing training material out there to help you with your business.

One of the best mlm marketing training courses (in my opinion and he also happens to be one of the top producers in several MLM opportunities) is Mike Dillards “Magnetic Sponsoring.” He teaches concepts that can make your marketing generate essentially free mlm leads online and you get a steady flow of interested leads to talk to. What are the best leads? FREE leads!

Any MLM opportunity can be a great chance to make really good money. There are plenty of successful home based business owners making over six figures a year and growing.

There is no reason why you cannot be one of those successful entrepreneurs if you find the right team to join, educate yourself and work hard.

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